Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One I Love

This is a caricature of my girlfriend Marie. I drew this one out of my head while not paying attention in class. I should draw out of my noggin more often, it's a real challenge.

Tom Cat

Here are some concepts I made for an unfinished stop motion film. Maybe one of these days we'll actually finish that thing.

Portrait Sculpture

This is a portrait I sculpted last spring of Roxanne, a model at LCAD.


These are some caricatures that I've done at work. The hideous one with the gnarly black hair is a co-worker, Janet. She really not that fugly, but we all make crazy drawings of each other when we're bored.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'll update more. I ain't lion.

Here are some drawings of lions. These were done in fall 2007 along with the animals in the previous post. The lion with the glasses is based on my buddy Adolph Soliz, Jr. So gay!

Update? Fine.

Remember that time I said I would update again real soon? Me neither. Anyways, here are some more animal drawings.